Team Philosophy

The Avanti Racing team supports the development of competitive cyclists. The team encourages new and experienced racers and seeks to attract athletes who are passionate about bike racing. We maintain a healthy balance between cycling and greater responsibilities such as career and family.

About Avanti Racing

One of the only multi-disciplinary teams in Seattle, Avanti Racing has been active in the Northwest peloton since 1988, competing in road, track, mountain and cyclocross events. The Avanti team focuses on racing and provides the training support necessary to compete effectively while maintaining balance in our busy lives. If you are looking for a team that shares your passion for all types of racing, join us for a spin.

Joining The Team

The Seattle cycling community is a tight one where we race against and train with each other frequently. On Sunday you will train with the rider you out-sprinted on Saturday. It's a community that thrives on mutual support and respect between teams. Being a good member of this community is essential to Avanti Racing. We seek members who embody respect and support through good sportsmanship and being a team player. We explicitly recognize that you can't win without your team. Support your team well, both in dedication and character, and you will gain the support of your teammates and the respect of your competitors.

If we sound like the team for you, please contact us.

Team Officers

Co-Presidents: Annette Williams, Linda Coppa
Vice-President: Barret Seifer
Treasurer: Michele Conrad
Secretary: Reeve Geary
Sponsor Development: Josh Gerak, Sharon Gregg

Internal Team Contacts

Men Cat 4-5: Keith Richards
Women: Annette Williams
Women Cat 4: Angela Mysliwiec
Roster and TiCab List Coordinator Tom Kelley

USCF License Information

Club name: "Avanti"
Team name: "Avanti Racing"
USCF club number: 1883