NEUTRINO: (nyoo-tree-noh) A neutral subatomic particle with a mass close to zero that passes through normal matter unimpeded and undetected.

Whether you are a modern urban dweller pressed to maximize every square inch of space in your home, a bike commuter without the luxury of a purpose built bike parking area at work, or a traveler in need of a compact bicycle with the ride and performance of a traditional bike, our Neutrino Mini-Velo platform offers a high quality spin on the traditional mini velo design.

Neutrinos are available as bespoke builds only, made to order on a custom basis to fit each rider. Available as a titanium frame with either a traditional fork or a Lefty style singe-sided fork, with either a belt drive or traditional derailleur gearing, and designed to pack maximum performance into a minimal package.

* Available in titanium only.
* Available as a frame/fork set or as a complete build.
* Traditional titanium fork with internal dynamo light wire routing standard.
* Optional Lefty style single sided fork available.
* Aggressively shaped and butted oversize tube set for maximum performance and light weight.
* Mono-stay rear triangle. Lighter and better lateral bracing.
* Sloping top tube. Smaller, lighter and stiffer main triangle and more stand-over height.
* 142x12 rear and 100x12 front Thru Axle dropouts standard.
* Belt Drive single speed configuration with Bushnell eccentric bottom bracket standard.
* Compatible with standard road 2x drivetrain.
* Optional 2-speed Belt Drive compatible crankset available.
* Customizable cable routing.
* Size specific geometry.