Adding a disc brake mount is a great way to increase stopping power on bikes originally built with rim brakes.  This is a retrofit that we do regularly on titanium and steel frames, and some forks.

Includes the cost of labor, the disc tab, and a short brace tube between the seat and chainstays. Non-disc frames were not designed to carry the braking load on a single side at the dropouts. The brace tube is required to ensure stability over time. No additional guides or modifications.

For a comprehensive disc brake conversion with a clean and purposeful appearance we can also add full hose/housing routing to your frame.
We recommend 2-3 guides on the seat-/chain-stay to keep the brake line away from the rear tire, and one on the down-tube/top-tube between the existing stops to keep the brake line in place.
Cantilever bosses and obsolete cable stops can also be removed.

All welding and brazing work requires a clean an uncontaminated work area. Any paint or decals in the affected area will be removed during prep work.

TITANIUM FRAMES: Our basic disc tab retrofit services includes moderate cleanup/finish blending on brushed or bead-blasted titanium frames but does not include any repainting. Additional refinishing and restoration, including custom paint work, is available.

STEEL FRAMES: Paint and powder coat must be removed ~8 inches in all directions from the work area. A complete strip and recover with powder coat is recommended for the most economical refinish. Additional refinishing and restoration, including custom paint work, is available.

While clearance for a disc brake rotor is generally not a problem with mountain bike frames, it can be a major consideration with road frames using anything larger than a 140mm rotor. To facilitate the use of a 140mm rotor we only use ISO disc tabs.

Most older road bike frames were built with 130mm rear dropout spacing, while most disc brake rear hubs are 135mm spacing. We can respace your frame, which includes squaring the dropouts, to accept 135mm rear hubs.

We can supply any and all components needed to convert your bike to disc brakes including brakes, rotors, wheels, et cetera. We offer great pricing on components and can provide parts from any manufacturer.

Every retrofit project is unique: please email us with photos of your specific frame and desired application for a specific price estimate including all modifications, refinishing, and new parts.

If you're shipping the frame to us it will need to be completely stripped of parts, down to the bare frame.
Dis-/re-assembly of complete bikes is available for an additional fee.

Repairs, retrofits, and custom fabrication work requires complete pre-payment of our full quote for labor and materials. Unfortunately we cannot make exceptions.