With more than 30 years of fabrication and cycling experience, it is our pleasure to help customers repair, retrofit, and refurbish bikes and parts of any vintage for years of continued enjoyment.


TITANIUM: An incredibly strong and durable material with a beautiful history in cycling. Titanium is our specialty. In addition to fabricating thousands of small parts and components, over the course of two decades Ti Cycles has repaired virtually every brand of titanium frame on the market, from mass production models to hand built boutique brands from around the world.

STEEL: Of all modern frame building materials, steel is the classic. No material has been used longer or most consistently in the bicycle industry. Over the past three decades we have modified, repaired, and restored hundreds of steel frames and parts, from an 1880s Victor Victoria tandem to a turn of the century Iver Johnson to modern stainless steel race bikes.

CARBON FIBER: We have the experience, skills, tools and resources to repair or modify steel and titanium frames and parts incorporating carbon fiber elements. For the repair of completely carbon fiber frames and components, please visit Ruckus Composites.

ALUMINUM: We can align, face, chase, tap, inspect, and paint your new or vintage aluminum bike. We regularly design, fabricate, and manufacture components and parts of or with aluminum. Please note that cracks and other damages that require welding are generally not economical to repair on aluminum bike frames. The low cost and high availability of the material, combined with technical considerations such as heat treatment requirements, make weld repairs of aluminum frames cost prohibitive.


Reliable materials are an essential part of our process.
We use the same high quality titanium and steel material stock for frame repairs, modifications, and retrofits as we do for our own new fabrication.