The world's most amazing bicycle will do you no good if time on the saddle leads to aches, pains, and discomfort.

At Ti Cycles we hand-build custom bikes. But what does custom really mean? At its core the idea of a bicycle built specifically for you is not about the paint scheme or the number of gears. Those are just the fun details. The heart of a custom bicycle is in the sizing and the comfort. A truly custom ride is effortless. A truly custom bike should be admired when it is at a standstill, but not thought about when riding.

Though some would have you believe otherwise, proper bicycle fit has nothing to do with compromising between performance and comfort. On the contrary, both are inherent in a properly fit bicycle.

Another aspect of bicycle fit that warrants consideration is the fact that it is fluid, fluctuating over the years with age, changes in riding style, and variations in materials. The bike that fits you perfectly at age 20 will likely not feel so smooth at age 50. Thanks to our attention to quality, those who throw a leg over a custom Ti Cycle at age 20 will more likely than not still be riding the same bike 30 years down the line. Having been building custom bicycles since 1990, we at Ti Cycles have had the opportunity to fit and re-fit riders to the same frame.

Proper fit affects not only comfort, but also performance. All bodies contact a bicycle at the same three points: the hands, the feet, and on the seat. The nature and the location of contact is determined by the intersection of a bicycle's form and the human form. By adjusting variables such as frame material, tube lengths and angles, stem length and angle, saddle angle and offset, bottom bracket height, et cetera, a standard bicycle frame design can take on radically different incarnations, and each incarnation will have its own ride characteristics.

Ti Cycles master builder David Levy has been fitting riders to bicycles for over a quarter century, first as a racer and coach and later as a framebuilder. Through a thorough and precise system of measurements Ti Cycles can help cyclists navigate the variables of bicycle fitting to find the perfect setup, whether it be in preparation for building a brand new TCF bike or to improve the comfort and performance experiences on an existing bike.

To arrange a private session in our in-house fit studio please contact Ti Cycles via phone or email. We look forward to getting and keeping you on the road, trail and track.