There are countless ways for a part to break, fail, or otherwise go wonky. Don't fret -- if it was made once, it can be re-made again.

In many cases the root cause of a failure is obvious -- a crash, a collision, an impact -- and sudden.
Sometimes the damage is insidious, sneaking up over time and attributable to user error, defects in materials or construction, a flawed design, or lack of maintenance.

Whether it be a broken wheel, a cracked frame, or a missing part; Whatever the cause, whatever the bike; if it is repairable, Ti Cycles can fix it.

We take pride in quality work. With more than 30 years experience as fabricators of custom cycling equipment we have the knowledge, tools, and skills to repair, replace, or restore your bike and gear. 

A dented tube. A twisted rear triangle. A stripped eyelet. A 'roof racking' impact in a garage. It happens!
We can fix it.


Crack repair.
Dent removal.
Weld repair.
Tube replacement

  • Head tube replacement.
  • Bottom bracket replacement.
  • Chain stay replacement.
  • Seat stay replacement.

Dropout repair.
Derailleur hanger replacement.
Frame alignment.