The beauty of high quality, durable products is that even if they outlive current compatibility standards -- and they will -- a retrofit, modification, or upgrade to perform additional functions or accept new components is often worth the investment.

Convert your trusted vintage frame to accept disc brakes!
Upgrade the front of your classic road bike to fit a new fork!

Turn your weather beaten city bike into a low-maintenance commute cruiser with mounts for fenders, racks, and a Gates Carbon Drive belt.

Upgrade an obsolete bottom bracket or other frame component to a modern standard compatible with current components.

Add stand-over clearance, extend your head tube to raise your bars, or otherwise change the fit of your lifelong bike to keep up with changes in your riding posture.


  • Disc brake mounts.
  • Gates belt drive compatibility.
  • Rohloff compatibility.
  • Increased tire clearance.
  • Geometry changes.
  • Head tube replacements.
  • Bottom bracket replacements.
  • Dropout conversions.
  • Head tube extensions.
  • Cable routing changes.
  • Di2/EPS electronic conversions.
  • Travel bike conversions.

And more!