Dave Levy has been working as a professional frame builder since 1986. He learned the basics of construction technique, geometry, design, and the science of bicycle fit from the resident frame builders at Seattle's venerable R&E Cycles. During his tenure at the Seattle shop Dave helped hundreds of individuals become more comfortable and efficient on touring, sport, racing, mountain and tandem bicycles.

In 1990, while continuing to craft custom frames in traditional steel, Dave founded Ti Cycles as a means to refine his focus on constructing lighter, higher performance frames in titanium, at the time an exotic metal still in the nascent stages of common use as a bicycle frame material. Over the dozen years that followed Dave built hundreds of  frames, forks and components as the Ti Cycles brand diversified into a full line of production bikes including road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes in titanium, steel, and even some aluminum.

Throughout the 1990s as Dave's reputation as one of the foremost experienced frame builders working in titanium grew, Ti Cycles also operated as a retail bike shop in Seattle, first in downtown Pioneer Square and then along the Burke Gilman trail near University Village. The two businesses worked hand in hand, with the retail store providing a steady stream of customers for fittings, custom bikes, and complex frame repairs and modifications. The Ti Cycles retail store's cache grew into a must-do stop for cyclists visiting Seattle, and over the years many of the talented cyclists, mechanics, and salespeople from the shop went on to become successful industry insiders who continue to influence the sport of cycling.

Ti Cycles came of age during an exciting expansion of the bicycle industry, particularly the explosion in mountain biking. The 1990s were rife with innovation, and Dave's workshop was no exception. Some notable achievements from the era included a belt drive system for track bikes; TCBB road/track/TT bikes utilizing a carbon fiber beam for saddle position ("That Crazy Beam Bike" debuted at the 1994 Bicycle Industry Organization (BIO) show in Las Vegas, well ahead of the first Softride Rocket Wing); and the use of compact geometry in road bike frames.

Dave's practical foundation in traditional frame construction is augmented by his formal education in engineering and art. Dave has always worked creatively with metals, from BMX bicycle builds in high school to metal sculpture at university. The pride and sensitivity of an artist and craftsman, coupled with the analytical skills of an engineer, affords Dave a unique ability to create bicycles that are aesthetically engaging and functionally precise. Dave enjoys working with his customers one-on-one, fulfilling their specific needs and matching each bicycle to the rider's individual body and style.

In keeping with Dave's wide-ranging experience, Ti Cycles caters to all levels and all disciplines of cycling, from the enthusiast weekender to professional racers around the world. In addition to offering completely bespoke custom frames, forks, and components, Ti Cycles has developed production-built bikes and parts in both steel and titanium. Through a quarter century of continuous operation the company has built thousands of frames for a diverse roster of riders in search of the perfect ride.

Dave has himself been an avid cyclist for decades and has some 35 years of cumulative experience in the bicycle industry. A licensed USCF and NORBA racer, experienced tourist, commuter and tandem rider, Dave appreciates the bike's application for sport and in every day life. His passion for cycling in all its forms affords Ti Cycles customers an experienced resource to guide them through the process of building their dream machine.

Ti Cycles takes pride in forming strong and mutually satisfying relationships with customers, and is committed to advancing the state of the art while maintaining the traditional high standards of craftsmanship for which the legends of custom frame building have come to be known. The brand relocated to Portland, Oregon, in 2002 and commemorated its 20th anniversary with the opening of a new, 2600-square-foot facility at the end of 2010. Dave Levy currently serves as the president of the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association.

Since moving into its current home Ti Cycles has greatly expanded its Frame Repair and Service department, performing thousands of repairs, alignments, tube replacements, disc brake upgrades, S&S coupler retrofits, and other modifications. 

Whether you ride on road or off, race or cruise, tour or commute, solo or in tandem, Ti Cycles has the experience to build, fix, or modify the perfect bicycle for you.