To serve the needs of as many cycling enthusiasts as possible we have developed two processes for ordering one-off titanium frames. For the most part both avenues are the same, with the design, materials, build process, and finishing being common between the two.


  • Templated off of an existing model/platform with changes made as needed for fit and application.
  • Custom fitting included.
  • TiCycletubes 3/2.5 custom blended tube set.
  • Designed, Engineered, Finished by Ti Cycles in Portland; welded by a trusted subcontractor.
  • Delivery: 8-12 weeks from finalized order.
  • $1950, frame only (as of 12/17)


  • Full custom, made to order, for any fit or application.
  • Custom fitting included.
  • Reynolds, Paragon Machine Works, and TiCycletubes 3/2.5 custom blended tube set.
  • Built from the ground up by Ti Cycles in Portland.
  • Delivery: 12 months from finalized order.
  • $3000 and up, frame only (as of 12/17)

While every new bike project is unique, some are more so than others. Pricing guidelines reflect a general estimate, with specific totals depending on complexity, size, and level of detail.

Delivery times reflect our general turnaround. We may be able to deliver your frame or complete bike in a shorter time but please be prepared to wait for the duration.

All custom and semi-custom orders require complete pre-payment. Unfortunately we cannot make exceptions.