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Quill Stem Wedges Available In Multiple Sizes

Quill Stem Wedges Available In Multiple Sizes

We now offer four stock sizes of quill stem wedges in our online store:

  • 21.8mm aluminum angle wedge for 1" forks (WEIGHT: 13g) // STOCK THREAD: M8 x 1.25 coarse

  • 25mm aluminum angle wedge for 1-1/8" forks (WEIGHT: 20g) // STOCK THREAD: M8 x 1.25 coarse

  • 28.5mm aluminum angle wedge for 1-1/4" forks (WEIGHT: 27g) // STOCK THREAD: M8 x 1.25 coarse

  • 19.2 mm aluminum conical 10° taper wedge for Cinelli style stems (WEIGHT: 8g) // STOCK THREAD: M8 x 1.25 coarse

If you are looking for something completely non-standard, we can help with that too. Just select ODD/NON-STANDARD Wedge from the drop down menu and enter your details in the NOTES at order checkout.

And don’t forget, we have quill stem draw bolts as well.

Shop Tools: Double Dolphin Fixture for Shimano STePS

Shop Tools: Double Dolphin Fixture for Shimano STePS

TCF-TUBES-Fixture-Shimano-STePS-Double-Dolphin (7).jpg

eBikes are a thing, like it or not. The technology is out in the world and they are not going away. Some grumble about the rapid adoption of motor assist by the bicycle industry, and to many the argument that eBikes are no longer bikes but rather motorized cycles is a valid one. We consider those hairs best split by others and instead choose to accept and focus on the very real fact that for a very large number of people eBikes provide a practical, user-friendly alternative to traditional cars, trucks, and even motorcycles, while at least maintaining the basic idea of a bicycle. (In the case of the electric assist bicycles that require motion and power input by the rider, not electric scooters, which are a different beast altogether.)

As the eBike market has developed the available product lines have been refined and expanded, and one of the most robust and integrated-with-existing-bike-components systems we have used is the Shimano STePS platform. STePS has been available in international markets for a long time and since being introduced to the US a few years ago we have used it on a number of city bikes and cargo bikes with an overwhelmingly positive response from riders.

Mellow Yellow  CarGoAway  with Shimano STePS drive

Mellow Yellow CarGoAway with Shimano STePS drive

Blacked Out  Rando/City  bike with Shimano STePS drive

Blacked Out Rando/City bike with Shimano STePS drive

While the units themselves can be kind of gee-whiz complex, for mechanics and bike assemblers STePS is relatively painless to install and wire up on a frame. It uses the same eTube plug and wiring format as Shimano’s well established Di2 system components, which gives STePS a versatility that few other systems have. The drive can of course be used on its own, but is more robust when paired with a rear Alfine Di2 internally geared hub (IGH) or a standard 1x setup with a traditional full range cassette. The system wide Di2 integration provides for a seamless setup with almost any style of bike, flat bar or drop bar, including customizable cockpit controls — for instance using the left hand shift lever to control the STePS motor and the right hand shifter to control the rear gearing mechanism — and near and dear to our hearts is the motor’s auxiliary output to connect a hard wired head-/tail-light system that can be both powered from the STePS system battery and switched on/off with the push of a cockpit button. The powered light connection also eliminates the need to work with just a handful of options for a front dynamo generator hub and opens up any available hub/wheel manufacturer as an option.

Of course the bicycle industry wouldn’t be the bicycle industry without incompatibility and so it goes that the newer generation E6100, E7000, and E8000 STePS system motors utilize a different mounting pattern than the original E6000/E6050 motors. Hence the need for an updated fixture for locating the motor mount in a standard framebuilding jig.

We made a handful of extra plates when cutting our own shop fixture and found that a number of framebuilders were in need of the same part. Our second small batch is in process now, with a limited number available for sale. Parts should be available to ship early February and can be ordered now, while supplies last. ===>




On the topic of changing, non-standard “standards” in the bicycle industry, we share consumer frustration with the wasteful and short-sighted practices of proprietary dimensions, limited functionality, and planned obsolescence that large component companies engage in.

The existence of multiple front axle dimensions has been one of those frustrations. For using 15TA front hubs/wheels with 12TA forks, the PDXTI-12-15-TA Adapter provides a simple, inexpensive, and lightweight solution. Going the other direction — using 12TA wheels with a 15TA fork — is however not as simple.

Thankfully, we are now able to offer a solution for cyclists with one of the many titanium and steel forks that have been built with Paragon DR0049 titanium or DR2051 steel and similar 15TA front flanged/hooded dropouts with threaded axle inserts.

Developed in collaboration with PDXTI and now available in the web store, these threaded fork dropout inserts convert titanium and steel forks with the aforementioned 15TA dropouts into 12TA forks.

At its base this product consists of a pair of externally threaded left hand M22 x 1 inserts, one with a 12mm thru hole and the other internally threaded M12 x 1.5 for 12mm Thru Axles.

Available as inserts only, with traditional QR lever axle, or with lightweight @robertaxleproject thru bolt.

Inserts Only: 22g

Inserts + Bolt-On Axle: 51g

Inserts + QR Axle: 98g

Shimano Asymmetric 110 4-Bolt BCD Adapter for 130BCD chainrings

Shimano Asymmetric 110 4-Bolt BCD Adapter for 130BCD chainrings

As urban and utility cycling has continued to transition from a long ignored market to a major driver of retail and aftermarket sales more and more bicycle industry R&D is being shifted from niche race bikes to those with more practical applications.

Many of the urban/utility developments have come in lock-step waves as bicycle components have a high reliance on widespread compatibility. Case in point: as more advances have been made with internally geared hubs (IGH) there have been corresponding moves toward low-maintenance solutions such as the belt drive systems offered by GatesSchlumpf, and Veer.

Today there are of course ever increasing options for urban/utility cyclists, from car replacing cargo bikes to ultra minimalist eBikes. While recent advances in manufacturing technology have seen generally solid improvements in weight and durability of bikes and parts, one area of the urban/utility market that has not kept pace with the wider cycling world is the trickle down of new materials and technology. Even at price points reaching into the thousands of dollars, "commuter" bikes are generally still sporting cranksets that weigh 800 grams or more.

We continue to rely heavily on modern products such as Gates Carbon Drive for offering our customers the best value available. Being able to run the 130BCD Gates chainrings with the relatively lightweight and affordable new Shimano Ultegra R8000 crankset or the higher end Dura-Ace R9100 part would be a great step up from the typical clunky commuting cranks but without the steep price point of carbon fiber parts.

The catch, of course, is that proprietary non-compatibility is as baked into cycling as it is any industry, and the newest Shimano cranks use a stand-alone asymmetrical bolt circle diameter (BCD) that only a handful of aftermarket manufacturers have addressed. Gates Carbon Drive is not one of them, and their Centertrack rings are only offered in 104BCD (for mountain cranks) or 130BCD (for traditional road cranks).

Expanding our line of BCD adapters to include a solution for the Shimano Asym 110 4-bolt system has been on our radar for a while, and a recent custom order provided the necessary push to make it a reality.

Shimano Asymmetric 110mm 4-Bolt to 130mm BCD ADAPTER
Add To Cart

Add To Cart or find out more on the Shimano Asymmetric 110mm 4-Bolt to 130mm BCD Adapter product page.

Ti & Handsome 31.6mm Seatposts In Stock

Ti & Handsome 31.6mm Seatposts In Stock

Back by popular demand, we have a small number of Ti & Handsome production seatposts in stock now in 31.6mm diameter. We run small batches of the larger diameter post from time to time and they always sell out quickly so jump on this quickly if you'd like to get your hands/butt on one!

These posts offer the same Paul Component precision machined high strength 2024 aluminum alloy head with 26mm of set-back and two-bolt micro-adjustment as our 27.2mm seatposts.

Classic Bright Brushed titanium finish with Matte Etched PDX/ORE graphic and minimum insertion mark.

100% made in the USA.

TCF-seatpost-ti-and-handsome-31pt6 (2b).jpg
TCF-seatpost-ti-and-handsome-31pt6 (2c).JPG

PDXTI 12-15mm TA Adapter

PDXTI 12-15mm TA Adapter

With multiple front hub standards now in play, it make sense to stay modular and keep your options open. This brilliant adapter from PDXTI is extremely light weight 3K carbon weave that allows the use of a standard 15mm x 100mm MTB/CX wheel with a 12mm x 100mm thru axle Road/CX fork.

Easy as pie: The adapter slides into a 15mm hub, allowing the wheel to be mounted and secured to a 12mm thru axle fork. 

1) Slide 12-15-TA Adapter into 15mm hub.
2) Install wheel into fork as normal.
3) Install 12mm thru axle as normal.

In stock and available now. Click on the product for full details.

REN GX1, CX1 Carbon Forks

REN GX1, CX1 Carbon Forks

Just added two more excellent fork options to the store. These REN Cycles carbon production forks have been extensively tested by the Portland Titanium cycling team with great results!

Both are light, stiff, and have classic straight leg styling for a fresh and clean look. 

FORK // REN GX1 // 1.5" Tapered Carbon 12TA Disc
from 450.00

APPLICATION: Gravel / Rando / Road / CX
MATERIAL: Carbon Fiber
WHEEL: 700c / 650B