It is that time of year again! Autumn is a time when Pacific Northwestern cycling fans revel in the dark art of cyclocross, road racing's estranged half-brother with mountain biking overtones. Better known simply as "CX" Cyclocross is both a grueling test of cycling skill and physical stamina, and a festive, self-deprecating, raucous good time.
CX is mud, sweat, and gears. CX is heckling, handups, and Hup! Hup! over the barriers.
CX is fun with bicycles.

Follow along with our Elite level shop team PDXTI as they rack up podium finishes and have fun doing it.

To get a taste of the speed and terrain at an early season dry/fast race, check out the view from @SethPatla's cockpit on the opening sprint and first lap of Het Meer 2015 -- with a cameo by 2014 UCI Cyclocross World Champion @LarsVanDerHaar!