Manufactured by S&S Machine in Roseville, California, a Bicycle Torque Coupling™ or BTC™ — more commonly known as an S&S Coupler — consists of two precision machined fittings and a threaded locking nut and are designed to allow titanium or steel frames to be broken down into two pieces for compact transport in a standard airline size case.

Ti Cycles specializes in S&S Coupler installation and also carries the complete line of S&S travel cases and accessories.


S&S Couplers utilize an interlocking, tapered tooth design to create a joint that is incredibly stiff and strong yet able to be opened and closed with a simple pocket-sized wrench.

All S&S couplings, including titanium, use a 17-4 Stainless steel coupling nut for the ideal combination of durability and light weight. Titanium coupling nuts are not available.

Stainless Steel "Classic" Coupler:
* installed on new steel frames and retrofits

Titanium Coupler:
* installed on new steel frames and retrofits

Compatible with titanium or steel frames with round tubes in common sizes, these ingenious pieces of hardware can be integrated into a new frame at the time of construction or retrofitted to existing bikes, and allow a basic full size road or mountain bike -- including wheels and handlebars -- to fit inside a single 26"x26"x10" case that meets sizing guidelines for regular airline luggage.  

S&S Machine's own line of purpose-built cases look like any common hard-sided suitcase, making traveling with a bicycle no different than with any other piece of luggage.

Tandems, recumbents, cargo bikes and other oversize cycles of titanium or steel can also be coupled, with most fitting into two 26"x26"x10" cases.

All necessary tools, hardware and accessories are available to order from our website and shipped straight to your door or bike shop.


Whether installed at the time of original manufacture or added later as a retrofit, S&S Couplers have no negative impacts on the structural integrity of a bike frame.

Over the course of several decades S&S Machine have conducted a litany of destructive and non-destructive tests that all show the joinery to be stronger than Reynolds 531 steel tubing.

There are also innumerable anecdotal accounts, like those of  former courier and de facto S&S spokesperson Joel Metz, who has logged some 100,000 miles on a single frame since it was originally coupled in 1998.

Over the course of two decades building custom frames Ti Cycles has installed hundreds of S&S Couplings, both on new frames and as retrofits, without incident. Dozens of other builders around the world have done the same, with millions of cumulative miles providing irrefutable proof of the durability of S&S Couplers.