Say what you will, like it or love it, the 'new economy' of Internet-based businesses offering delivery and passenger transportation services are changing the urban landscape. Every day there are more and more examples of mobile technology driving modern society (pun intended) ever so slowly away from individual automobile ownership. Uber, Lyft, Amazon Prime, Caviar, and their ilk are turning the tables on the 'practicality' of buying, fueling, registering, maintaining, insuring, and parking a private car in non-rural environments.

Of course this is exactly why CarGoAway is the name of our cargo bike platform. Sure, when the mood strikes you want to be able to load up kids, pets, groceries, mannequins, large vine ripened melons, et cetera and cruise from point A to point B. We all do. But in today's world there's no need to hassle with a car to do those things. You just need a cargo bike!

Available with or without (but better with) electric assist, integrated lighting, longtail passenger seat, and cargo areas in various sizes, our CarGoAway platform is perfect for living a simple, convenient, and practical urban life with a minimal carbon footprint.