Tandems are beasts unto themselves. They have more or less been around as long as the modern bicycle itself, their popularity waxing and waning for a century before a renaissance in the 1970s that cemented the captain/stoker seating arrangement as a thing. (Ironically, 1972 was the last modern Olympic Games to include tandem cycling).

Today tandems are fairly common; you don't see a lot of them, but you've definitely seen them and know what they are. If you've ever ridden with one while on a standard single bicycle you can attest to how remarkably fast they can go in the hands of two competent tandem riders.

Not only is this custom titanium Zwei Tandem build built for speed, it is built for travel. With a suite of S&S couplings this two-person road rocket fits into a couple of regulation size suitcase boxes and checks just like any other baggage. The brilliance of the couplers is nowhere more apparent than on a bike with a SRAM eTap drivetrain; disconnect the rear brake and the bike is ready to disassemble and pack.


This build is outfitted with lightweight carbon fiber components, a Gates Carbon Drive timing belt, tandem specific wheels from our friends down the road at Rolf-Prima, and one of Dave's bespoke titanium forks.